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Good nutrition is an essential part of cancer treatment. Cancer can alter the body’s metabolism and decrease the ability to utilize nutrients. This depletion of muscle mass and fat storages can lead to a progressive wasting syndrome known as “cancer cachexia”. A well-balanced diet is advised for pets fighting cancer. In addition to traditional cancer treatments, our oncologists are available to counsel pet owners on dietary recommendations to improve overall health and quality of life. Providing adequate nutrition may help pets with cancer feel better, get stronger, have more energy, lower the risk of infection and heal quicker.

Supplements may also improve the overall health and comfort of animals with cancer and are recommended for certain conditions. It is important that your oncologist be aware of all supplements that you are giving to your pet, since some supplements may actually interfere with treatment, increase the risk of side effects, or not be safe for your pet. If you have any questions, please call or ask your oncologist or nurse at the time of your appointment.