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During these uncertain times, Fetch is striving to make caring your pets as stress-free as possible. That’s why we’ve teamed up with CareCredit to offer financing plans.
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24/7 Emergency Care

There when you need us most.


Excellent care before and after surgery.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Advances in technology can improve your pet’s quality of life.

Welcome to Fetch Specialty & Cancer Veterinary Centers

We are a family-owned, emergency and specialty veterinary hospital located in Brandon, FL, that offers advanced and specialized veterinary services to our clients and referring veterinarians in the Tampa Bay area.

24/7 Emergency Care

Pet emergencies seem to happen at the most inopportune times, especially when your primary veterinarian is unavailable. Fetch is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Cancer Care

Similar to human medicine, there have been incredible advances in the treatment of cancer that can provide our patients with a high quality of life for years to come.

Diagnostic Imaging

To help you make an informed decision in treating your pet, Fetch offers many modalities of in-house diagnostic imaging. You will often receive the results at the conclusion of the imaging procedure.


Our board-certified surgeon and a team of surgical technicians provide excellent care before and after surgery ensuring your pet’s well-being.

What we offer:

Our team of knowledgeable and highly trained professionals are committed to providing exceptional care to injured and ill pets while listening to clients and treating them with compassion and respect so they can make the best possible decisions regarding their pet’s health.

When your pet is referred to Fetch by your primary veterinarian for emergency and specialty services, we work closely together to create a treatment plan tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Throughout the treatment process, the Fetch team will be in communication with your primary veterinarian to ensure the best possible outcome of your beloved pet.

Our team of veterinarians have extensive veterinary experience including two Board-Certified Specialists in Oncology and Small Animal Surgery.
Cancer Treatment
Fetch is the only veterinary practice in the Tampa Bay area offering Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRS/SRT), as a cancer treatment for pets.
Dedicated Veterinary Team
From our customer support representatives to our veterinarians, we are committed to providing outstanding communication and care to anyone seeking our services.
We are proud of our 8,000 sq. ft facility with 5 exam rooms, full-service ICU, 2 surgery suites, chemotherapy suite, 16-slice helical CT, color flow ultrasonography, video endoscopy/bronchoscopy, digital radiography and radiation therapy.

Who we are:

When your pet needs emergency or specialty care, we’ll be there. We understand that this can be a difficult time for your family, and our specialists will be there every step of the way. A veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who practices in a particular clinical field of veterinary medicine like oncology or surgery. Specialists complete additional training, internships, and residencies in their field of expertise and must pass a series of arduous examinations. When a pet is referred to a veterinary specialist, it is because a pet’s health problem requires expertise and equipment that your primary veterinarian may not have.


Fetch is a truly wonderful place to take your sick pet. Everyone there is so kind and friendly with both me and my fur baby! The vet tech even got on the floor with him giving him lots of love while she looked him over. They pay great attention to detail and keep you constantly updated. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you to all the staff at Fetch for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. P.D.

It is rare that a tragic situation —such as your dog being diagnosed with cancer —leads to amazing care and gratitude for that care. Dr Ratterree and his nurse Anita and staff are intense animal lovers. Our dog was consistently shown affection and kindness. Staff handled our dog gently and all of staff went the extra mile to be helpful. While I hope no dog family will ever need cancer care if you do Fetch is the place to go. Thank you to all of the Fetch for your commitment to being amazing. Angelica S.

We were on the road and had an emergency with our dog. I ‘googled’ nearby emergency clinics and we raced over to Fetch. This is a wonderful clinic! We were greeted at the door by a very kind, calm and caring team of staff members. They immediately took our dog into a treatment room and began assessing the situation. Everyone from the reception team, Techs and Vets could not have been nicer and more attentive to our situation. Also, considering this was an emergency visit and overnight stay, we found their pricing to be very reasonable. The facility is spotless! We simply cannot thank the entire team enough for taking such great care of our dog! We HIGHLY recommend this clinic to anyone in search of veterinary care! If we lived in Florida, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Fetch as our regular Vet clinic! Teri S.

We brought Ginger to Fetch to see Dr Ratteree about a month and a half ago. She had undergone a very risky surgery removing a large tumor that was aggressively attached to the top her spine, near the brain. We were not sure if she would survive the surgery. Ginger is 14, but she is strong and she is a fighter, and she made it. Recovery has been a long and strenuous process for all of us. She was weak, had a urinary catheter for two weeks post-surgery and couldn’t walk. By the time we got to Fetch we were exhausted physically and emotionally. I cannot say enough good things about the attention and the support Ginger and our family have received from Dr Ratteree and the whole RT team. For a month we went to Fetch every day and got to see the day-to-day interactions and activity. We got to know all the ladies at the front desk and saw how much they cared about all the animals that came in and how they knew all their names and stories. The RT team is incredible. Anita made sure we knew how Ginger was doing every day. Dr Ratteree was always available to us to answer any questions we might have and checked in with us and Ginger frequently. Everyone at Fetch was really happy to see us every day and we felt at home there for a month. Knowing that we were in such good hands made a difficult time for us so much easier. Thank you! Alexandra and Tom G.

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