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Fetch brings outstanding board-certified veterinary specialists and emergency vets to the Fort Myers, FL community. We offer advanced oncology services for pets diagnosed with cancer, acting as an extension of your primary veterinarian to provide consistent, personalized care. Our team combines high-quality medicine, compassion, and innovative technology to deliver individualized treatment when your pet needs it most.

Emergency Vet Services in Fort Myers, FL

Does your pet need immediate medical care? Our team in Fort Myers, FL is available 24/7, every day of the year, to help. We understand that emergencies can happen at any time and are dedicated to offering reliable support for you and your pet. You should feel confident that a helping hand is here when you need it and have access to a capable team of specialists who can be reached with just a phone call. For expert guidance or urgent care for your pet, reach out to Fetch. For more information about our emergency services, click below!

Additional Specialty Services We Provide in Fort Myers, FL

Our Fetch vets in Fort Myers are equipped to provide veterinary oncology services for diagnosing and treating various types of cancer in canines and felines. This includes comprehensive pain management, chemotherapy, advanced imaging, and immunotherapy.

Medical Oncology

If you suspect cancer in your pet, then they need to see a veterinary oncologist. Our oncologists at Fetch are 100% dedicated to supporting you and your pet and doing everything possible to give them the better life they deserve.

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