Beatriz Lippi, MV

Practice Manager - Emergency Services
Beatriz Lippi at Fetch

Beatriz, better known as “Bea”, earned her Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2008 and secured a license to practice in Brazil. Beatriz moved to the US in 2010, and has accumulated over 18 years of hands-on experience across various facets of veterinary care, including management, emergency, critical care, surgery, anesthesia, internal medicine. What sets Beatriz apart is her genuine passion for creating positive work environments. In pursuit of this goal, she’s looking to expand her skill set by aiming for a Master’s in Business Administration, recognizing the importance of blending veterinary expertise with business acumen.

Beatriz vividly recalls her childhood days, where her bedroom served as a makeshift clinic for her plush toy patients. It was a playful start to a career that would later become a serious commitment to the well-being of animals. Beatriz is a seasoned veterinary professional with a wealth of experience, striving to bring a balance of expertise and a grounded approach to her work. Her story is a testament to the practical passion that has driven her throughout her career. When not at work, Beatriz loves spending time with her 2 cats and 2 dogs, enjoying the outdoors, gardening, horseback riding, walks in the park, beach days with family and friends, and picking up new skills or reading.