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Stereotactic Radiotherapy

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Stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) is a type of radiation therapy that uses high-powered forms of energy on a focused area of the body. Despite its name, SRT is not actually a surgical procedure and is most often used to treat tumors that cannot be surgically removed. Originally used for nonsurgical brain tumors in humans, SRT can now be used for a wider variety of tumors such as nasal and bone tumors.

Stereotactic radiotherapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy, delivering high doses of radiation in a short period of time, destroying the tumor without harming the healthy tissue surrounding it. This aggressive approach results in more rapid tumor shrinkage, faster tumor-induced pain relief, and very often provide longer disease control to larger tumors. It even has the potential to result in a cure. The entire procedure is noninvasive, so your pet will experience little to no discomfort and the risks associated with treatment are minor.

Until recently, pet owners had very little access to stereotactic radiotherapy. Fetch is proud to offer the most advanced and up to date treatments for our companion animals. Dr. William Ratterree, Board Certified in both Medical and Radiation Oncology, has gone through extensive training to offer on-site, high-quality radiation treatments. We are the only oncology center located in Bonita Springs that offers both IMRT and SRT with an on-site radiation oncologist. Schedule your appointment today to see what treatment options are best for your pet.